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Book PicIshmael
An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
by Daniel Quinn

What if we have been lied to all of our lives and no one knows it?

What if those lies are destroying the human race?

A man answers an ad in the newspaper for a student who wants to learn how to save the world. He finds a very unique teacher. What kind of teacher would be able to see the lies that everyone else has missed? Who would have both the perspective and the ability to communicate necessary? A telepathic gorilla.

A telepathic gorilla is certainly a wonder, but why would a gorilla be an expert on the problems of the human race? The answer is simple: Captivity. Any animal in a zoo is an expert on this subject, although unable to communicate his/her knowledge. How does this relate to the human race? All of the humans in our civilization are captives, too. We're captives of the lies that are causing us to destroy the world and ourselves.

Thus begins a fascinating series of lessons as Ishmael, the telepathic gorilla, patiently takes the man on a journey to the truth using a simple dialogue of questions and answers to analyze our society's mythic deceptions.

Now it's time for the real surprise. The gorilla is, of course, fiction, but our danger is real. Read this book, and you will never be the same.

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  Ishmael: An Adventure
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