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11/02/05 New links added:
Methane Hydrate: Savior or Destroyer?
Ecological Anthropology

Read My Review of: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
09/30/05 New links added:
Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site
EnviroHealth Action

Read My Review of: The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler
08/29/05 New links added:
The Nature Institute
National Voting Rights Institute
Uncommon Thought Journal

08/01/05 New section added: Body Acceptance

New link added: The End of Cheap Oil

Read my review of: The Obesity Myth
06/30/05 New section added: Green Living

New link added: Environmental News Network

Read my review of: The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices
05/25/05 Read my reviews of:
Tao Te Ching: A New English Version

New link added: Wrong Diagnosis

New information added to the introduction on the:
Main Page
04/25/05 Read my reviews of:
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
The Cholesterol Myths

New links added to websites about Daniel Quinn's philosophies.

New section:
Now you can find links to all the book reviews I have written in one place.
03/09/05 New links added:
Consortium for Conservation Medicine
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Consumer Web Watch
02/03/05 New links added:
Center for American Progress
The Free Press
NOW(PBS News Program)

New section added: Consumer Information

12/30/04 New links added:
Common Dreams News Center
MedlinePlus: Herbal Medicine
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
11/25/04 Read my review of Two Incomes and Still Broke? by Linda Kelley.

New link added to Ecologically Sustainable Medicine
11/5/04 The Politics section has been updated to reflect the recent U.S. election and now includes information about why your vote may not have been counted.

Due to an overwhelming amount of spam, especially the X-rated links, the Guestbook will have to be closed until further notice. I regret this, but this is intended to be a G-rated website. Also, there were so many ads, that it would have been extremely difficult for visitors to leave messages or read anything there but spam.
10/15/04 New link added to Open Democracy: Free Thinking for the World.

New link also added to a USDA directory of Community Supported Agriculture programs.
09/10/04 Read my new review of Your Money or Your Life.

New link added to Project Vote Smart.

New links also added to the Deep Ecology section.

Format change added to the Philosophy and Money pages. New format added to this page, too.
Register to Vote
Links about the 2004 Election Includes information about registering to vote online, and making sure our votes are counted.

Links to information about a new liberal radio station and a website that posts daily corrections of errors in the news.

Format change for the Main page, Health, and Environmentalism sections. I am hoping to update the formatting for the rest of the website soon.
6/22/04Read my reviews of Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and Know Your Fats by Mary G. Enig.
5/26/04I'm trying out a new format on the main page. What do you think? Do you like it or not? Should I use it on the other pages?
5/10/04I am starting to review and recommend books--I am a librarian, after all. :) The first two books are Nourishing Traditions and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, both are or will be real classics, and are very nontechnical and easy to read, despite the sound of the titles.
 I am also adding links to some independent bookstores. Powell's is an extremely large and inexpensive independent bookstore, and they're really great, but even they don't carry some books, or you may prefer to support your own community by buying from a local independent bookstore. If so, you might want to find a local source for the books you want from Book Sense.
 I have also added some books to the sections about Daniel Quinn, who has some really visionary ideas about saving the world, and Dr. Schwarzbein, an endocrinologist who specializes in how nutrition affects hormones and health. I am planning to review each title individually soon.
3/29/04New, simpler easier to read format. Tell me how you like it.
New links to fractal geometry websites. Fractalism is a revolutionary new type of geometry that explains shapes in the real world and is giving scientists wonderful new insights. It is also used to create beautiful artwork. You can take a look at some examples.
Fixed all broken links, but if you find anything I have missed, please email me.
Added link about a website called Unconventional Ideas to the Simple Living section.
Link to The Ecologist added to the Ecology section.
Links to Indymedia and FAIR websites added to the Alternative News section of News and Information.
Eat Wild and Slow Food websites added to Local Food Sources section of Organic Farming and Gardening.
Link to New Scientist magazine added to the Science section.
League of Conservation Voters link added to Politics section.

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