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nothing to do with each other.

Yet, when you seek to find the connections between problems, you can find unexpected solutions, just as a person picking up a coin finds the other side. Your fingers aren't near your toes, but they're still connected.

Unfortunately, modern society has trained us not to see relationships. We think we can cut our personal lives off from our jobs and businesses. We think we have to choose between environmentalism and economics, or religion and science. This is a myth. (See the Daoism/Taoism section for more information about the union of opposites.)

For example, you can't have a strong economy without a safe environment. Who would be worrying about jobs if we all started dying in a collapsing ecosystem that could no longer provide even minimally clean food, water, or air? Unfortunately, we seem to be heading in that direction unless we stop living in denial.

Many native people always knew that humans are part of nature, but modern science is just rediscovering it. Ecologists now know that every organism on Earth, including humans, depends on all the others for its survival.

Bad News and Good News

The Bad News:

Our present system is not sustainable. That means it won't last. Things will continue to get worse, and eventually we will destroy ourselves if we don't transform how we live. (See the Environmentalism and Ecology sections for more information.)

One of the main reasons why this is happening is that people think that everything is separate. If you think that way, you don't worry so much about the consequences of your actions, or you think you can find a way to avoid them or shift them onto someone else and walk away untouched. The problem is that those consequences catch up with you sooner or later and hit you from behind. (For more about this, see my essay, You Do Reap What You Sow.)

Another big problem is that people tend to give up when they hear the bad news. They think nothing they do will make a difference, or that they will have to make terrible sacrifices to accomplish anything, but that's not true.

Now read the good news.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything Is Connected: Frequently Asked Questions: What does this mean for me?

What does this mean for you?

The Good News:

You CAN save the world AND live better, too.
In fact, it's both or nothing.

Despite what you have been led to believe, the changes we need to make will actually make our lives happier and more meaningful. And you can start right away.

Living or striving for the high-consumption--la vita loca(crazy)--life of fancy clothes, fast cars, and luxury homes, if you can ever afford them, is not just bad for the environment. It ultimately leaves you feeling unsatisfied, and can put you in debt, too. The time you spend working to exhaustion to get them keeps you from enjoying the stuff you do have, and also keeps you away from the things that are really important, like enjoying a sunset or being with the people you love.

For more information about what the la vita loca(crazy)life does to you, see the Affluenza section.

To find out what you can do about it, see Simple Living, Green Living, or see How Do You Start? below.

Everything Is Connected: Frequently Asked Questions: How do you start?

How do you start?

Begin with one thing at a time,
and you will soon find that other stuff starts improving, too. There are no instant answers, but once you start altering your thinking and your approach to life, you may be surprised at how fast change happens.

Click on one of the links at the right to get started. Pick what interests you most. You never know where it may lead you.

Everything Is Connected: Frequently Asked Questions: How is this website different?

How is this website different?

This site is different because it shows the interconnections between the problems we are all facing and the solutions. Other websites don't.

It's put together by a human being, so all the listings make sense. You won't find the kind of nonsense mixed in that you do with computer- generated searches. I also try to shed light on revolutionary or little-known ideas and discoveries that it's hard to find information about, especially in one place.

You need to be aware of the connections between different disciplines to get the whole picture. If you don't, you're missing pieces of the puzzle, and you make mistakes. (See the information about antibiotic resistance, for example.)

I will be adding new links and book reviews to this website regularly. All the books listed will include a link to where you can find the lowest priced copy from the bookseller of your choice. Check back often to see what's new.

Everything Is Connected: Frequently Asked Questions: Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I guess you could call me a kind of expert dot connector. I also have professional degrees and work experience in both librarianship and teaching. Or to put it another way, I am a professionally trained expert at finding, evaluating, and explaining things. Finding the information I am providing here has changed my life. I am glad to be able to share it with you.

Next: Want to find out more about me and my philosophy? Take a look at the essays I have written.

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What does this mean for me?

How do I start?

How is this website different?

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