Earth Blue Circles Everything Is Connected

Would you like to reduce stress? Get out of debt? Be happy?
What kind of world would you like for your children?
The answers to all of your problems are connected.
Find the connections, and you can...

Live A Happier Life. Create A Better World. Simultaneously.

You are probably wondering how that could be true. You are probably wondering how such different problems could be connected. Answer: That which is true is not always obvious.

When you look up at the sky, you can see the sun rise and set. When people didn't know any better, they thought the sun was moving. Now we know that's an illusion. It often takes a great mind like a Galileo, or a new invention like a telescope, to expose the illusion and reveal the truth. We know a lot more than people did back then, but we are still under the illusion that most of our problems have... Read more.