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Nutrition and Physical DegenerationNutrition and Physical Degeneration
by Weston A. Price

Written over 60 years ago and even more relevant today. Although some of his vocabulary would now be considered politically incorrect, Price was a man way ahead of his time. As mentioned previously, he traveled the world to study indigenous people. He won their friendship and trust with his respectful attitude and willingness to learn. Price visited many groups, including the Eskimos, Melanesians, isolated Swiss, Maori, and Torres Strait Islanders.

In this unique time period, he was able to examine and photograph both traditional and more modernized members of the same tribe. Those eating traditional foods enjoyed almost perfect health, but those who adopted "white man's" foods showed major degeneration. He documented dramatic changes in the health and appearance even of siblings in the same family--their pictures often look so different I would have thought they were totally unrelated. Indeed, many people who tried modern food without access to modern medicine suffered terribly. Only those lucky enough to go back to their native diets were returned to health.

We are so used to the presence of modern illnesses like diabetes, cancer, etc. that it is almost unimaginable to us that, among these "primitive" natives, they were either extremely rare or totally unknown. It is only modern medicine that keeps many of us alive. For example, how many of us would be here today without surgery for appendicitis or impacted wisdom teeth?

What would it be like to be this healthy? It's time for modern people to change course and regain our health like the indigenous people who went back to their native diets. Weston Price's discoveries are really a revelation. This book is worth it for the pictures alone.

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