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Review: Your Money or Your Life

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Your Money Or Your Life Your Money or Your Life
Transforming Your Relationship With Money and
Achieving Financial Independence
      by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

So now you get it. You want more freedom and meaning in your life. But how do you actually start? Here's how. A former bestseller, this is the classic how-to book of the simple living movement.

This guilt-free approach defines money as a unit of life energy. You begin with a review of your financial past, and are given a realistic way of tracking all of your present expenses. There are many budget plans, but this is the only one where you are taught to ask yourself if your enjoyment of what you bought was worth the effort you made to earn the money. You then decide to lower/eliminate, keep, or even increase that expenditure.

The authors then zero in on the ultimate goal--complete financial independence. This may not be possible for most people for some time, but it is a really motivating objective. Basically, after paying off your debts, they advise you to put your money in income-producing investments. (Unfortunately, the 30 year government bonds they recommend are no longer practical, because of low interest rates, but there are other options.) Eventually, if you keep investing, your income will equal or exceed your expenses--which will be much lower now--and you'll be free!

Even if you don't achieve financial independence before you reach retirement age, you will certainly have greater financial security if you follow this plan. What a relief not to be living paycheck to paycheck in this insecure economic climate! You won't have to worry so much about losing your job if you have a little money in the bank. That extra money might also make it possible for you to change careers or start your own business.

This book gives you both a practical way to get your finances in order and a wonderful dream to work for. Who knows? Once you have more control of your life and expenses, that dream may be closer than you think!

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