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Prayer for Peace

May we pray together for all innocents who have been injured or killed by violence in the land of Israel and elsewhere be they the children of Arab or Jew, enemy, friend, or stranger.

May the hearts of all who know anger and hatred be softened. Help them instead to find forgiveness, mercy and love toward themselves and for all others.

May we keep hope alive that the children of Isaac and Ishmael and all the earth's people may yet embrace in reconciliation and learn to live together in peace, harmony, and love. May all share equally in their parents' birthright in Israel and elsewhere.

May we all come to know in our hearts that we do not own the land but hold it in sacred trust for our children.

May we also not forget our responsibility to, and ultimate unity with, other creatures in the web of life no matter how small or great. May we remember that when any one of us is hurt, all are wounded.

May all hatred be washed away and may we turn our hearts to Tikkun or healing. May we bequeath to all our children and future descendents in Israel and elsewhere, a land unscarred by violence and pollution. May they know peace and love and live in harmony with the land and with each other.


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Prayer for Peace

Jewish Feminism and the Environment

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